Specialty store "Nature Katayama"

This is a store in Niigata prefecture. The theme of this store is to “Cheer Up Healthy Families”. On the first floor, safe and nature-friendly foods are served. On the second floor, you could buy furniture and also there is a restaurant that sells some products too.


This building is built with a new way that uses both log cabin structure and wooden rigid-frame structure, and it is a project that was selected as “Leading Sustainable Buildings” in 2015.


1st basement floor space : 30.25m2

1F floor space : 1533.63m2
2F floor space : 1466.92m2
the total space : 2997.80m2

consruction : Niigata Pref. Japan
completon : November,2017

contract : Co.,Ltd. Phoenix Home

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About CEO

CEO Koji Kuzuno

    * First-class Architect No.305457
    * First-class Structural Design
            Architect No.5104
    * Kanagawa Prefecture Governor
            Registered No.15833


Our motto is to support clients with hospitality. Please feel free to contact us anytime.