Live with the Real Wood Introduction of the greatness of wood house


Humidity and the comfortableness Wood houses could control humidity

Climate elements that effect comfortableness are temperature, wind speed, and humidity. Though, even how much you control temperature and wind speed, people could never feel comfortable in high humid environment.This means humidity is the most important element to feel comfortableness. In addition, humidity affects health. By controlling temperature and humidity optimum to make micro breed, people could get healthy.Woods are aggregation of cell that could keep many water in it and it could catch and release moistue.   This chart shows the comparison of vinyl cloth room and 5mm wood walled room. From the chart, in the vinyl cloth room there were many humidity changes throughout the day, but wood walled room’s humidity stayed still around 50%. In conclusion, wood is the best choice for the material of wall because it could control humidity well.

Warmth of Wood and Insulation Effects 12 times of concrete. Cool summer and warm winter.

This is a microscope picture of Japanese red pine. Big and thin cells grow through spring and summer (early woods), and small and thick cells grow through fall and winter (late woods).  In these cells, it contains much of air that could shut out heat. This is why woods are used as insulating material.  Moreover, by comparing architecture material, concrete transfer heat 12 times, and iron transfer heat 483 times compared to cedar. These are the reasons that woods are used as handles of kitchenware such as flying pans and pots. Also, it is said that people get stressed when losing heat. To create comfortable space, not just only caring temperature but choosing comfortable materials that touches you skin are important too.

Safeness and Comfortableness of Flooring Materials High shock absorption relieves foot stress

Many burden are put on feet, back, and knee by just walking, but the intensity depends on the material.  For instance, if you drop a dish on concrete it will break into pieces but it will not break if it was on a blanket.  This is because the power of shock absorption differs between concrete and a blanket. The graph shows the difference of shock absorption of some materials. This is from an experiment that searched the height of glass ball crashes with different materials.  Height of the glass ball broke differed by materials. Higher the height, the materials catches the glass ball softly and this means the material has high power of shock absorption.  The result of wood was 30cm, but plastic was 1020cm,and marble or concrete was only 15cm. By this, you can understand that wood has higher shock absorption compared to plastics or concretes.  The question is, why does woods has more of those than concretes? The answer is because woods are an aggregation of pipe-shaped cells. When something bumps in, surface cells get smashed first and the deeper layered cells get smashed next. This means that it takes some time for the object to bounce up again. Woods takes time a lot, and impacts are inversely proportional to time so because of that wood has high shock absorption.

Beautiful Patterns of Tree Relaxation effect of growth rings and grains

Growth rings and the grains of a tree are said to be an art of nature. When you look at those, you can see that those have slightly random patterns. Those are called “1/f fluctuation”. Fluctuation is a shift in a repeating rhythm and is a special phenomenon that only occurs in nature. Not only woods but also the sound of river or the tweet of birds that we feel relaxation in it has the same the fluctuation.  When we feel “1/f fluctuation”, people gets relaxed and alpha wave appears in our brain. This fact shows that the space surrounded by woods are where we can get relaxed from the bottom of our heart.

Scent of Woods and Our Health Deodorizing and antibacterial effect of phytoncide

We take a walk in a forest to get a therapeutic effect, but why do we get relaxed in a forest? It is said that one reason is because people used to live in forest from back to 5 million years ago, and another reason is because woods release phytoncide that are the base of the wood scent. Phytoncide is a substance that Dr. Boris P. Tokin, a Russian biochemist found in 1930s. This is a substance that tree releases to protect themselves from bugs or microbes, and it is scientifically shown that when people breathes this in our autonomic nerve gets stable and gains vitality. Moreover, deodorizing and antibacterial effect of phytoncide has a efficacy to clean environment too. There are many dead animals or sediments that causes bad smells, but thanks to the deodorizing effect of phytoncide, we can enjoy forest bathing without caring about those bad smells. In Japan, we use leaf of cypress of Japanese cedar for Japanese sweets or in the container of sushi expecting the deodorant effect of these leafs. This chart shows the repression of mite propagation effect in essence oil of cypress.  From this result, we can understand that there are many effects on phytoncide that could kill mites in few days.o conclude, a room with a scent of tree (phyoncide) has a great effect to suppress the occurrence of mites.

 Is Wood Easily Flammable? Carbonization makes woods flame retardant

Wood includes many air that are good at shutting out heat, so when burning, it burns slowly from the surface without losing strength suddenly. Compared to that, when iron get burned it turns soft so there are necessary to coat iron with fireproofed cover to prevent from losing strength suddenly.  The process that woods burn and turn into charcoal are so slow that only 21mm are lost in 30 minutes. (0.7mm per minute) eason for this slowness is said that because the burnt wood (charcoal) turns into a cover of that wood. It is a natural fireproof cover. Because it burns that slowly, we could get enough time to escape sufficiently from thick wooden wall building. We can build log cabins in town because these great features of wood are proved by many experiments. 

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